Relaxed at work
with Rodenstock computer spectacles.

Whether in the office or home office: Ergo® near comfort lenses relieve the strain on your eyes and posture – giving you more energy for the more important things.


Fit for a digital day-to-day life with Rodenstock computer spectacles.

At the workplace the view always has to adapt to different distances, to the desk to monitors and colleagues. This can be exhausting: Working on screens often leads to dry eyes, headaches or tension in the neck and shoulders. The solution: individual home office lenses made from your complete biometric eye model.

Challenges for your eyes: quick focussing on different distances, monotonous screen work, poor lighting and dry eyes caused by infrequent blinking.

Take on your digital working life in a relaxed manner.
With home office lenses from Rodenstock.

  • Unique good vision at work
    thanks to individual bespoke manufacture of the lenses

  • Scratch resistant and easy care coating
    so that you have long enjoyment out of your lenses

  • More relaxed head and body positions
    thanks to optimised viewing ranges

  • With innovative blue light filter coating
    for a balanced biorhythm

When is a pair of computer spectacles worthwhile?

Do you work a lot on the computer and sometimes find it difficult to read on screen or do you get headaches or neck pain in the evening? A good pair of computer spectacles can have a big impact. They give you sharp vision at typical work distances and facilitate eye movements during your work. This not only makes it easier on your eyes: You are also spared tension, intense eye strain and unnatural body postures, meaning you can work in a more relaxed manner.
Your progressive lenses make possible smooth vision from near to far in different day-to-day situations. This flexibility means that the viewing range is relatively small for the typical screen distance – in order to see clearly, you therefore unconsciously adopt an unnatural posture. A special pair of computer spectacles is designed exactly for the requirements of your workplace, thus sparing you visual stress and tension.
Reading spectacles are generally optimised for a reading distance of 40 cm – a monitor is usually further away. The result: You are constantly leaning forward to see clearly. And for greater distances, e.g. when talking to colleagues, you have to remove the spectacles every time. In contrast, a pair of computer spectacles is designed exactly for the requirements at your workplace. You avoid poor posture and work more fluidly and comfortably.
Your inner clock can become out of balance due to the unnaturally high amount of blue light emitted from laptops, smartphones, tablets and other screens. Rodenstock computer spectacles with the premium Solitaire® Protect Balance 2 coating reduce the blue content and can thus increase your sense of well-being in day-to-day life.

Did you know?


Ergonomic computer work

• Adjust the monitor position so that the topmost character line is well below the level of the eyes and the monitor plane is perpendicular to the line of vision. This will relieve the strain on the shoulder and neck areas. It is also easier for the vision system to focus on near objects when the gaze is lowered a little.

• Adjust the character size on your monitor so that everything is easy to read.

• Look away from the screen frequently, e.g. out of the window. Short breaks provide relaxation for the eye muscles. Regularly and consciously closing the eyes for a few seconds also helps, as this re-moisturizes the eyes well.

• The blinking rate for near work falls by up to 40%. You should therefore make sure you blink regularly to avoid dry eyes. Drink enough liquid!


The Ergo® near comfort lenses

Move along please: Ergo® near comfort lenses are the only lenses that can be individually adapted to typical work distances and eye movements – with larger viewing ranges exactly where it matters to you. The larger field of vision supports an ergonomic head and body posture and guarantees comfortable and fatigue-free vision.

A pair of computer spectacles can be useful not only in the office, but also for other activities that demand concentrated viewing at a shorter distance. Whether you are reading music, crafting, checking displays or delivering an important presentation: Ergo® near comfort lenses offer brilliant vision for fatigue free near distance vision at work and for your hobbies.


Perfect preparation for purchasing spectacles.

The digital lens consultant from Rodenstock determines your personal viewing habits and spectacles requirements. The virtual try-on by Rodenstock helps you in the search for the right frame. The two online tools help you to make a preselection so you are optimally prepared for your visit to the Rodenstock optician. Or perhaps you only want some inspiration!


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