Simply good vision: Distance spectacles from Rodenstock.

Single vision lenses make sharp vision possible again at any distance.


Sharp view to the horizon with a pair of Rodenstock spectacles.

The well-known product among spectacles: distance spectacles, also called single vision lenses. They correct your defective vision and give you pin-sharp vision again. For you this means: better overall view and quality of life and increased safety, e.g. in traffic.

Sharp view to the edge

Sharp vision when driving

Sharp vision, near or far away


Rodenstock distance spectacles – for everyone who wants to see clearly in day-to-day life.

Can you see objects up close quite well, but everything becomes blurred in the distance? Or the other way round? Do your eyes become tired quickly or red? Then the solution is obvious: Single vision lenses make sharp vision possible again at any distance.

Test your vision

Do you need spectacles?
Three possible indicators of visual impairment:

Headaches and tension.
Do you often squint your eyes to be able to see sharper in the distance? Do you get headaches when reading or working at the computer for a long time? This indicates impaired sight.

Uncertainty in traffic
We rely in particular on good visibility when driving in the rain, in the dark or under backlight conditions. Therefore, even a slight vision problem can be annoying and cause disruptions and not least be dangerous.

Poor vision at twilight and in the dark.
Many people assume they are night-blind. In reality your visual impairment only appears different at night than during the day giving this impression.


Rodenstock presents:
the first individual single vision lens.

The more accurately your lenses are adapted to you, the better you achieve a natural visual experience. There is an award-winning innovation at Rodenstock for this: individual single vision lenses that as well as your prescription, also take into account your face shape, posture and the fit of your frame. This makes a noticeable difference compared to traditional lenses:

  • Pin-sharp vision to the edge of the lens
    by adapting the lens to the fit of your frame

  • Sharp, high-contrast vision
    also in poor lighting conditions

  • Excellent spatial perception
    for greater safety and reliability when driving

  • Optimal wearing comfort
    thanks to very light plastic lenses

  • High breaking strength
    also for rimless spectacles

  • Good look in every prescription
    without magnifying effect or bulging eyes


Sharp vision

Unrestricted vision thanks to the high quality of our lenses – with individual adjustment of the lenses to the fit of the spectacle frame on your face.



Optimal wearing comfort and aesthetic appearance – 45% lighter than mineral glass and 20% thinner than a traditional plastic lens


Rodenstock optician in your vicinity.

A large selection of Rodenstock products awaits you at our Rodenstock partner opticians all over the world. Experienced opticians help you to find your perfect lens. Let us advise you.

Find your optician

Appropriate extras for your needs.


ColorMatic® 3: The self-tinting lenses from Rodenstock.

With the premium coatings from Rodenstock you can make your spectacles even more resistant or easier to clean or provide even better protection for your eyes against harmful light. Whether it is protection against dirt and dust, the latest generation of UV protection, or relaxed vision with the reduction of artificial light from computers, laptops and smartphones – simply ask your optician about the Rodenstock Solitaire® 2 coatings.


Rodenstock light protection PRO410.

UV-rays can be harmful for your eyes as well as your skin and can even penetrate through the clouds of an overcast sky. Next to the UV-radiation in the spectrum is blue light. It is important for biorhythms and other biological functions of the body. As well as the positive effects, certain elements of blue light can also be potentially harmful.

The formula of success is the right relation. With Rodenstock light protection PRO410 your eyes only get the light they really need – day by day.