UV protection for the eyes.

As much as we love the sun, we also know that its radiation can also be dangerous. The ultraviolet radiation can cause permanent damage to our eyes. Not only the sensitive skin around the eye area can get sunburnt, but the UV radiation can also cause cataracts and retinal damage (macular degeneration) in the eye. It is imperative to wear sunglasses in the summer. How can you recognise if a pair of sunglasses offers sufficient UV protection?

Anti-glare protection does not equal UV protection!

It is a widespread misunderstanding that a darker lens automatically offers more UV protection. However, this is not correct because the degree of shading of a pair of sunglasses essentially only determines the anti-glare protection. This is equally important because we mainly only put on sunglasses in order to be less dazzled by the light of the sun, but it does not guarantee that the eyes are adequately protected against UV light.

At worst a heavily tinted pair of sunglasses without UV filter can even do more damage than good. With the dark tinting the natural contraction of the pupil is prevented with the incidence of light and the UV radiation can penetrate even more intensely.

Only sunglasses with a CE marking offer adequate protection.

Sunglasses with a CE marking comply with the guidelines and fundamental safety requirements of the European Union. The CE symbol is usually located on the inside of the arm and guarantees that a significant portion of the UV light (UV radiation up to 380 nanometres) is filtered. Rodenstock sunglasses filter the entire UV radiation up to 400 nanometres*, thus actually offering 100% UV protection (sometimes also called UV protection 400).

* This value depends on the selected product. Also consult a Rodenstock partner optician for advice on UV protection. UV protections also from the side.

As UV radiation spreads greatly and is also reflected off surfaces such as roads, snow and water, a good pair of sunglasses should also offer lateral protection. It is important to consider the size of the lenses and the design of the frame.